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The plugins extend the Look 'n' Stop Firewall capabilities.
Three types of plugins are available:

The following plugins are available today. Select the right version (Win32/x64 depending on your version of Windows and Look 'n' Stop Firewall).

Plugin Download Comment
Translation Win32:  plugin_language.dll
x64:  plugin_language.dll
Translate Look 'n' Stop into any language like german, chinese, italian, spanish, ...
Look at this IP Win32: PluginLookAtThisIP.dll
x64: PluginLookAtThisIP.dll
Launch a third party application (or URL) from the log page to get information on an IP addresss.
Example: SmartWhois, VisualRoute, ... 
Raw Rules edition Win32: PluginEditRawRule.dll
x64: PluginEditRawRule.dll
Internet filtering rules edition for advanced users
ARP packet
Win32: PluginARP.dll
x64: PluginARP.dll
Customized display of logged ARP packets

How to setup a plugin ?

1: A plugin is a Windows .dll file with a filename prefix "plugin". Download the pluginXXX.dll file into your 
C:\Program Files\Soft4Ever\looknstop folder (*)

2: Activate the plugin.
To to this, you just have to check it from the Options > Advanced Options > Plugins window and then click Ok.

3: Configure the plugin.
Some (not all) plugins can be configured. To Configure a plugin, select it (highlight it) from the Options > Advanced Options > Plugins window and click the Configure button.


Developpers: are you interested in developing a new plugin ?

Learn how to create your own rule edition plugin or logged events plugin.

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