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Logged events plugins

A Logged Event plugin allows to process logged events with an alternative way to the standard Look 'n' Stop way. Logged Event plugins apply to both real-time processing and post-processing of events.
The real-time processing of events occurs as soon as Look 'n' Stop appends a new event in the Log page.
The post-processing of events occurs when the user decides to observe a specific event already listed in the Log page.
Logged events plugins applies to both Internet Filtering events and Application Fitering events.

3 steps to setup a Logged Events plugin

Step 1: A plugin is a Windows .dll file with a filename prefix "plugin".
the pluginXXX.dll file into your 
C:\Program Files\Soft4Ever\looknstop folder (*)

 Here is a list of available plugins:

  • PluginARP [Customized display of logged ARP packets]

  • ...more plugins coming soon

Step 2: Activate the plugin. To to this, you just have to check it from the 
Options > Advanced Options > Plugins window and then click Ok.

Step 3: Configure the plugin.
Some (not all) plugins can be configured. To Configure a plugin, select
it (highlight it) from the Options > Advanced Options > Plugins window
and click the Configure button.

To analyse logged events from the Look 'n' Stop Log page, the choice between the standard processing and the plugin processing is available through the extended Look button (>) of the Log page.

The real-time processing of events occurs through plugin dedicated popup windows.

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