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Why choose Look 'n' Stop Firewall 2.07

  • Look 'n' Stop Firewall 2.07 provides key features to protect your computer against cyber threats. It prevents malicious programs from transmitting the data of your computer to hacker's computers. Look 'n' Stop Firewall 2.07 also protects your computer from external intrusions.

  • Look 'n' Stop Firewall 2.07 user's license has not time limit. A single purchase allows using Look 'n' Stop Firewall for several years, without yearly fees. You get free support by email or from the forum. You also get free and automatic updates for corrections and minor updates. Before buying, you can try the full-featured version of Look 'n' Stop Firewall 2.07 for free during 30 days.

  • Look 'n' Stop Firewall 2.07 is officially detected by the Windows Security Center (Action Center with Windows 7) as a well-known firewall providing critical protection of your computer.

  • The Look 'n' Stop Firewall technology is optimized to keep the performances of your computer and the maximum speed of your Internet connection. It matches any type of computer, from netbooks to servers.

  • Just after the setup, Look 'n' Stop Firewall 2.07 is pre-configured for a standard usage. For specific usage, adding a filtering rule is as easy as a single click on a pre-defined rule. Expert users can also create enhanced and customized configurations.

  • Look 'n' Stop Firewall 2.07 includes cutting edge technologies supporting latest Internet enhancements such as IPV6 (Internet Protocol Version 6). It also integrates an open and powerful plug-in system to extend its capabilities.

  • The setup file is a small one mega-bytes file. It is extremely fast to download and to install, whatever Internet connection speed.
    Available in 18 languages, Look 'n' Stop Firewall 2.07 is the most recent version of Look 'n' Stop Firewall, a reference firewall used world-wide since 2000.

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