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      Look 'n' Stop Firewall 2.06

New features

  • Support for Windows Vista

  • Internet Filtering (Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista): IP V6 support (Internet Protocol Version 6)

  • Application Filtering (Windows Vista only): IP V6 support

  • Internet Filtering (Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista): a new option to handle fragmented packets.

  • Application Filtering (Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista): a new option to have the application filtering still active even if Look 'n' Stop is stopped (persistent application filtering)

  • Application Filtering (Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista): possibility to add non standard extensions for parent applications.

  • New option to associate import files (.rie) to Look 'n' Stop. This allows to import files by clicking a link or double clicking on a .rie file.

  • Popup position is saved.

  • Direct access to a rule from the log (with a right click).

  • Service mode startup is now available in the options (not supported for Vista).

  • Rule edition: added "Equal/different from my @" for the MAC address.

  • Rule edition: added a "Local Port" criteria for port selection (by default this criteria selects the range 1024-5000, except under Vista it is 49152-65535).


  • Automatic selection of the network interface is anyway done on an excluded IP if no other network interface with a valid IP has been found..
  • Rule and log files are no longer saved in the Look 'n' Stop installation folder but in the following folder: "\Documents and Settings\[user]\Local Settings\Application Data\looknstop" (Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista only; and for a fresh install only)
  • The registration is no longer done through the "Look 'n' Stop Code" but with an email address.
  • "Watch thread injection" and "Watch DNS calls" are no longer available for now.
  • An explicit option has been added on the command line to start several instances of Look 'n' Stop. A double-click on looknstop.exe no longer start a second instance.
  • When Look 'n' Stop is started in service mode, if the user log off, Look 'n' Stop is no longer stopped (and restarted).
  • Number of filtering rule is now 128 for the Internet filtering.
  • Number of rules/applications is now 200 for application filtering.
  • Number of TCP SPI is now configurable through the registry
  • New display options in the TCP connections dialog box.
  • Added more information for TCP SPI alerts
  • In the dialog box to associate an application to a rule the full path of the selected application has been added.


  • Several fixes and improvements in TCP SPI (in particular in timeout handling)
  • Automatic selection of the network interface wasn't working in some particular circumstances.
  • After the popup windows is closed now the focus is put again on the initial application that has the focus before.
  • When editing a rule with a plugin, some criteria were not saved properly.
  • When an application was associated to a rule, modifying an attribute (log, allow/block) of the rule was also modifying its activation without looking to the application state..
  • Color display issue when started in service mode.
  • Fixed some attribute update displays in Internet Filtering page when the rule is updated by a plugin.
  • Internet Filtering (Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista): crash at startup with some ethernet adapter names
  • Application Filtering (Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista): Added a fix in process identification to detect some leaktests/malicious software changing application process path in user mode.
  • Problem sometimes when doing rule copy/paste in Internet Filtering.
  • When the settings were locked with a password, the quit menu in the tray icon was not greyed if a translation plugin was enabled.

Known issues

  • Under XP: IPV6 Applications are not detected 
  • When Look 'n' Stop is started as a service, the context help doesn't work (help file has to be started manually)
  • Under Vista: Features requiring Look 'n' Stop to be started as Admin:
    • The registration to the Windows security center
    • .rie file association


  • Plugins have to give their interface version now. Old plugins are considered as using interface 1.01 by default.
  • Rule edition: IPV6 compatibility, and 16 fields per rule available
  • Rule edition: added an AND/OR operator between two consecutive fields.
  • Rule edition: added an OR criteria with 3 values to be compared with.
  • Rule edition: Log attribute and Application list added to the interface.

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