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      Using the Language Plugin
With the Language Plugin, Look 'n' Stop Firewall can be used in any language.

The english and french are the basic languages that do not require the Language plugin.

In the download page, all setup files except the english and french include the plugin. You only have to choose your language when running Look 'n' Stop Firewall for the first time.
You can activate the Plugin and choose your language this way:
In the Options > Advanced options > Plugin window, check and select (highlight) the plugin_language.dll plugin and then click on the Configure button. Note that you need to quit and re-run Look 'n' Stop for the new language to apply.

How to disable the translation and come back to the original english language ?
Simply uncheck the plugin_language.dll plugin from the Options > Advanced Options > Plugins configuration window.

Interested in translating yourself Look 'n' Stop into another language ?


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