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Is Look 'n' Stop compatible with Windows Vista ?

Yes, Look 'n' Stop 2.06 is compatible with Windows Vista !
Look 'n' Stop 2.06 is the new version of Look 'n' Stop, released in may 2007 
Look 'n' Stop 2.06 is free for all registered users of previous versions of Look 'n' Stop !

Look 'n' Stop 2.06, is also compatible with:

  • Windows XP

  • Windows 2000

  • Windows server 2003

  • Windows Millenium

  • Windows 98 or 95.

Look 'n' Stop 2.06 replaces Look 'n' Stop 2.05 which is no more supported.

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Look 'n' Stop does not seem to work properly. What can I check ?

You shall check the items below.

  • In the Options page, check that one network adaptor is selected. Learn more about network adaptors.

  • In the Internet Filtering page, check that the Internet Filtering enabled checkbox is checked.

  • In the Application Filtering page, check that the Internet Filtering enabled checkbox is checked.

  • In the Welcome page, the Connected to the Internet read-only checkbox has to be checked. There must be a valid IP address.

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How does the Look 'n' Stop licence work ?

The Look 'n' Stop licence allows using the software for an unlimited time !

Minor-version upgrades of Look 'n' Stop are free, and are handled automatically by the application. For example, if you purchase version 2.06, you will receive other 2.xx upgrades, if any, for no additional charge.
Look 'n' Stop 2.01 users who purchased their licence 5 years ago could upgrade to 2.02, 2.03, 2.04, 2.05 and the current 2.06 for free !

Major-version upgrades of Look 'n' Stop will (very likely) not be free, but a special upgrade price will be made available to registered users. So, if you purchase 2.06, the 3.01 upgrade will not be free, but you will not have to purchase another license at full price, either.

A major release should obviously provide very new features. In other words, we will not simply fix a couple of bugs and release a 3.01.

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Can I install Look 'n' Stop 2.06 over the 2.05 version ?

Yes. You can do this for free.

You do not need to uninstall the release 2.05.
You do not need to shut it down.

You just have do download and run the setup file

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One of my software can no more connect to the Internet ?

Check that this software is listed in the Application Filtering page and that it is authorized (green point).

If this is true, your software might be blocked by an Internet Filtering rule. The blocked data are probably listed in the log page. A right clic on correponding line of the log page allow to create an authorization rule.

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What is an Internet filtering rule ?

Before reading this chapter, you shall read the Internet Security FAQ page

An Internet filtering rule is a filtering procedure that can authorize or block an inbound or outbound data packet.
Internet filtering relies on an internet filtering ruleset.

Each Internet Filtering rule has 5 attributes that may or may not be checked : 
, , , , .

 The Rule is ON (active). This options allows you to temporarily
 deactivate a Rule without erasing it. Usually, all Rules are ON.
 If the STOP sign is checked, the Rule blocks all the data
 corresponding to the Rules definition. If it is unchecked, the data are
 The Rule will warn you when a data packet corresponding to the Rule
 arrives. It allows you
LOOKing at the data in the Log page. A dialog
 window and an audio signal (a .wav file of your choice) can also be
 chosen to appear. It depends on the options you choose in the
 Options tab. It also depends on the 
  attribute (see below)

Advanced mode options

 If a data packet matches a Rule's definition, the Rules after it (from top
 to bottom) will not apply. Usually all the Rules have this option
 As this
attribute is not the most important one, it is only displayed if
 the Advanced mode is checked in the advanced Options.

 This attribute allows a rule per rule selection of rules for which a
  message box appears when a data packet matches the rule. The
 Message Box check box of the Options tab also has to be checked if
 you want to authorize message boxes at global level.
  As this attribute is not the most important one, it is only displayed if
 the Advanced mode is checked in the advanced Options.

Look 'n' Stop Rule is used to filter out some data packets in order to block them (check the  sign) or authorize them (unheck the  sign).
Look 'n' Stop
also allows you observing the data packets meeting the Rule's definition (check the  sign) or not (uncheck the  sign).

For most of you, you will not have to edit rules yourself. The Look 'n' Stop pre-installed rulesets are fine. You shall load the EnhancedRuleset.rls ruleset through the Internet Filtering page for a better security.
If you need specific rules, you can import them from this page.

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Application filtering versus Internet Filtering ?

Look 'n' Stop includes two filtering levels: Application filtering and Internet Filtering. 

Internet filtering is a low level filtering. It applies at modem or Ethernet board level immediately after data enter your PC or just before they quit your PC. It is an outbound and inbound filter.

Application filtering applies at a higher level. It applies to outbound data sent by applications.

So, outbound filtering applies at two levels. The data sent by an application authorized by application filtering must also be authorized by Internet filtering before being sent to the network.

Using advanced options, application filtering can be tuned to restrict each application to transmit on some TCP/UDP ports, whatever Internet filtering applies.

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Application filtering does not seam to work correctly. What can I do ?

First of all, you shall check that application filtering is really not working.
Remove one application from the Application Filtering list (Example: Internet Explorer). Launch this application to access to the Internet. If Look 'n' Stop does not ask you to authorize this application, it means that Application Filtering is not working correctly.

In most cases, this is due to a compatibility issue with an other software. To solve this issue, download and run this patch.
Then restart your computer.

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I can not connect anymore to the Internet?

Some ISP (Internet Service Providers) use fragmented data packets to open and keep the connection.

Those packets must be authorized by Look 'n' Stop.

To authorize them , import these Internet filtering rules:

Put these rules on top of the list and clic on Apply and Save buttons.

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The file sharing does not work on my network.

If Norton AntiVirus is setup on your PC, a Windows error message may warn you that the network can not be accessed.

You can use this patch to fix this compatibility issue:

Download and run the patch and then reboot your PC.

In some very few cases, the problem may occur even if you do not use this antivirus. Try the patch that may solve your problem. Contact (forum, email) through the support pages if you still have this issue.

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Some ports are "closed" and not "stealth" in a security test ?

Many reasons can explain this result.

- The network adapter is not correctly selected. Clic here to learn how to select the correct network adapter.

- The security test might not be reliable. Here is the most famous online security tests: ShieldUp (

- You might run the test through a proxy. In this case, the proxy is under test, not your PC. Configure your browser with no proxy.

- You might connect through a router that blocks the test before it reaches your PC. Read your router's documentation for more details.

- Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) applies "egress filtering". In this case, some ports are forbidden by your ISP. There is no way to solve this issue.

- You might have modified you Internet Filtering rules so that you authorize too much trafic. Load the Look 'n' Stop enhanced ruleset.

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A driver is not removed after uninstalling (Windows 2000 and XP)

In very few cases, it may happen that a driver is not removed after the automatic uninstall. Here is the procedure to manually remove Look 'n' Stop drivers (Windows 2000 and XP).

  • Step 1
    - Be sure to restart your PC after uninstalling Look 'n' Stop through the Windows Start menu.
    - Try to remove drivers manually if some of them stay in the device manager.

    If some drivers can not be removed (Windows error message), go to step 2

  • Step 2 (if required)

1.start regedit.exe from the Start menu. for Look 'n inside the registry, you probably find some in:
x depending on your system.
3.remove all the 000x containing Look 'n . Be careful to not remove the first entries (0001, 0002, 0003...) which are most of the time used by Windows.
4.if the following key exist: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\lnsfw1] remove it.
6.After the reboot, open the Device Manager and if there are no Look 'n' Stop driver entries, it's ok Look 'n' Stop drivers are uninstalled and there is nothing else to do. If not, go to step 3.

  • Step 3 (if required)

1.start regedit.exe for S4E_LNS inside the registry, you probably will find some in:
with x = 0, 1 2, ...
3.remove the key 
You will not be able to remove this key. You can let it. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\Root\S4E_LNSDRIVERMP
4.reboot your PC.

Here are recommandations to avoid these problems:
- Installation and uninstall with administrator rights.
- Reboot after uninstallation (even if you are not asked to).
- DO NEVER uninstall and reinstall without rebooting after uninstalling.
- If you see an "Add device" message box during installation, answer no to it.

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"Connected" is not checked on the Welcome page

This problem occurs when the Network Interface is not properly selected in the options page.
Stay connected to Internet and change the adapter selection in the option page. Clic the Apply button to validate and then go back to the Welcome page to see if the checkbox is now selected.

If you have several network interfaces you may have to do again the operation until you find the good adapter. Learn more about the network interface selection.

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